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Me and my friends were out a few nights ago and we seen three people jump out of a van and sprint away so we were like wtf? so we drove up to check it out and we seen two hooded boys standing near a construction site hiding their faces so where was the other one? 

We grew suspicions and we were driving around the car park to try get a good view of what was happening and as we were exiting, one of the cars (Renault clio) that was with the van came to the car park so we got the fuck out of there and eventually we went back. As we went back, we seen police there so obviously someone had phone them, then we see the Renault Clio speeding past with the people in it to get away from the police parked on the other side so my friend went the other way to get away while I chased the car to get license plate. I got the license plate and drove back to the police where they were parked and gave the plate number which i got thanked for as I pretty much caught the criminals for. 

What they were doing was trying to steal red diesel (a really really cheap diesel). 

The main point in me typing this is that my mum thinks I should have a turned a ‘blind eye’ to it because ‘no-one was being hurt’. WHAT THE FUCK MUM. For all I knew, someone could have been hurt? They could have stabbed someone, robbed someone or anything so I thought the responsible thing to do was to get the plate number and hand it over. 

The reason this world is so fucked up is because people turn a blind eye to things and I can shamefully say my mum is one of them. It’s really pissed me off that my mum thinks that. My dad on the other hand agrees with what I done fully and said I was a great civilian. 

I try do something good for a nice & peaceful community and i get criticized; sadly by my own mother. I can’t believe it. 

tl;dr: I caught a license plate of a criminal and gave it to the police and my mum criticized me for it. 

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I’ve submitted here before, but  here’s Zia..again :)  she’s  some sort of Belgian Shepherd I believe.


pretty funny that people who keep silent about literally every social injustice are suddenly very vocal when their right to stage dive is challenged

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Holy shit.

Blowjob, by Raul Dap.

jump in the tub



Stairs to heaven